Inspire fitness with liena

Welcome to the wonderful world of movement, music and powerful workouts

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Inspire fitness with liena

Train with us for energy and positive emotions

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Inspire fitness with liena

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Reach your personal goals faster with tailor-made training.
Maximise your performance like top athletes do.
Workout when it suits you best.

Liena's Workouts

Doing sport as a young kid you build up a great foundation for life.
You're only one workout away from a good mood.
We have something for everyone.

About Liena's courses

Bodyshaping and Power Training

The best total body sculpt combines cardio and toning sets.
Maximize fat burning potential.

Anti-aging Flexibility Training

Flexibility is the key to youth.
A stretching workout that will make you look and feel younger!

Performances and Shows

Learn new skills and enjoy presenting them to an audience.
Bring Broadway and Hollywood to your life!


Training ensures harmony in developing the body and provides positive energy.Your future is determined by what you do today.


Choreography is a total workout for body and mind.
Stay toned and elegant, improving coordination and musicality.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

A beautiful female sport: uniting a high level of gymnastics and dance elements with elegance and expression.

Fiteness Camp

13-18 April 2023, Miami, USA

19-24 April 2023, Turks and Caicos Islands

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